He is my first date.... How do I tell my dad? Should I tell him?

I'm 16, a junior, and an only daughter to my single (very protective) father. And I like this guy. He is cute, sweet, respects the person I am, and can always make me smile. He has asked me on a date and I said yes. I'm so excited! :)

Here is the problem...

He is 21 AND he is my first date EVER.

Should I tell my dad?

If I should, how should I do it?

Do you think he would freak out?

Im nervous. lol.


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  • uh yeah he's going to flip..but guys come on now, if they really like each other a 5 year age difference shouldnt matter ecspecially if you don't mind it.

    like one has said," When you're, say 24, and he's 29, a 5 year age difference won't seem like a very big deal.."

    so what's the problem now?

    hmm, don't understand.

    i suggest you slowly tell your dad..beat around the bush a bit..do something llike...

    girl:dad there's this boy I really like who really likes me, "He is cute, sweet, respects the person I am, and can always make me smile."

    dad:oh is that so..

    girl:yeah, he asked me out on a date and I said yes, becasue he really treats me like a princess.(bahaha)

    dad:well I think ill have to meet him

    girl: okay ill have him meet you when he comes and picks me up

    dad:okay (end of story)


    the day of the date..

    when the dates there..

    dad and 'guyfriend' will talk and do what they do...

    and then after the date if dad ask his age be like ohh he's 21...then RUN!

    hhahaha nahh I'm kidding but I'm sure it will be fine as long as dad likes the guy..

    ahh, hopefully.

    i have my fingers crossed for you hun. :D


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  • dude your dad is gonna flip out

    hes gonna LOSE HIS MIND

    little girl do you want your father

    to lose his mind?!

    you wanna know what I think. I think

    that dude is a loser. I'm 19 and

    i would never date a 16 year old.

    if he was 18 I don't think it would

    be such a big deal but this guy

    could go buy alcohol any time

    he wants

    • So let me get this straight; this guy is automatically a loser because he asked out a 16 year old?

      Dude I can buy alcohol anytime I want too, guess what, I dont. Not all guys are horn dogs.

    • Hell yah dude, what the challenge of

      approaching a 19 or 20, or 21 year

      old woman is too much?

      yah just go for the easy stuff

      thats always fun

  • Your Dad is gonna freak. if your 16 and your first date is with a 21 yearold, your Dad will lose his mind.

    Your options:

    Don't tell him

    Find a date with somebody your own age


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  • I'd say, for your sake, don't go out with this guy. When you're, say 24, and he's 29, a 5 year age difference won't seem like a very big deal. But to a teenager, 5 years is a HUGE amount of time. Think about how much you've changed in the past 5 years of your life. The fact that he is attracted to a 16-year old should also wave a red flag for you. This has nothing to do with you, but only to do with him and the fact that he has got either maturity or social issues if he isn't relating to girls closer to his own age.

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