Why do women change their minds about guys?

Seriously what is it?

personally..i have gone on a few dates this year alone and usually one or 2 dates and that's it,girls isn't feeling me.

i dated a girl recently.

we had a great time and the last few dates just slowed down.

eventually I get the text message saying 'your a great guy and lets be friends'

really? the chemistry is there..the stuff in common..the good times.

i pay for going out..i open doors..im not ugly..i work and I have goals!

what the hell happens that you change your mind?


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  • Pretty much everything the Anon said. It's usually either because she wasn't that into it to start with but gave it a chance, or over time she found out small things about you that made he rethink things. For example, I've backed off from guys because I find out or see how they treat their family or treat a waiter. One guy was just super conservative on political issues which wasn't a problem until a month in when he basically hate bashed people and thought my views were dumb.


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  • Maybe these girls aren't really that attracted to you for whatever reason, but you seemed to be a nice guy so they give you a chance. They didn't change their mind, they just gave a guy a chance and it didn't click for whatever reason.

    It seems a lot of guys complain girls don't give them a chance but when they do guys complain about girls "changing their minds"

    • likewise women say they always go out with jerks and want nice guys and when one comes along..they don't like it...

      where girls complain about that..men 'complain' about that reason.

  • You're not good in bed

    You don't have a good personality

    She found a better guy

    The list goes on

  • There is no spark/chemistry/attraction

    You said something that made her think twice

    You weren't her type but she gave you a chance anyway thinking she'd end up really liking you and it didn't happen

    She found out something she didn't like about you

    You creeped her out/made her feel like she'd be potentially unsafe in your presence

    She met someone else

    She got back with an ex


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  • Are you getting physical with them? It souds like you're playing it too safe.

    Just a few tips: When you first see her, hug her. Anything else (or lack thereof) will come across as not confident. Take any opportunity to touch her (holding her hand, putting your arm around her, touching the small of her back, etc). Always go for the kiss on the first date...doesn't have to be a full on makeout, but if a girl really likes you and has a good time, she will want you to kiss her at the end up of it (or sooner if you have a good moment).

    Sometimes, the two of you won't work out and it'll be something totally out of your control, but try what I've said and I promise you'll start getting better results.

  • If there was a clear answer I am sure a lot of people wouldn't be on here. I wish I knew myself though.

  • Things you did wrong:

    - Payed for the date

    -Opened Doors

    -Did not move nearly fast enough sexually

    -Came off as to kind and easy to manipulate(boring)

    -Gave a sh*t about how the date went

    I'm not being facetious this is all very true.

    • yup!

      should have gone back to my jerk roots.

      serves me right for being nice.

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    • @joakiti good luck with that, some people just have to learnt he hard way.

    • sadly...they don't like that. I try believe me.

      we can open 100 doors, pay 100 dinners., 300 drinks,..but we say one wrong sentencae and we are judged.

      any man will agree here

  • i always say this. chicks lack the ability to manifest logic. this is why they are so confusing, can't make up their minds (in you case) and always make the same mistakes over and over

  • I change my mind about girls so... oh well I guess.

    • my mind is usually made up about a girl beforehand.

    • Me too but sometimes you find out she's really stupid or she has a kid or two...

  • People change, girls and guys change.

    My ex changed her mind about me after a two year relationship, I knew something was up with her and she kept lying to me that there wasn't anything wrong, and I assumed so, even though I knew something was up.

    She lied to me for about three months before coming out that she didn't love me anymore. Which is fine by me, but the fact that she lied to me made my trust in her go out of the window faster than the speed of light.

    She could have done anything with any guy during that period, for all that I know.

    She attempted to damage control the situation by trying to become friends with me.

    I wasn't going to let her get away with it. So I cut contact the very day she broke up with me.

    I have zero empathy for her right now, and it's her loss. Not mine.

    • Disagree.

      People DO NOT change.

      They simple lie about themselves or put on a front when first meeting people.