Is this a good way of "entering" the dating world?

So I used to be very shy, and then came out of my shell and made friends (grade 9 and beyond).

Now I'm done college but still have not had my first kiss! I'm 22.

However it wasn't until I got to college that I actually hugged a guy for the first time so sad.

Then, I wondered how to make guy friends, would blush while talking to guys I didn't even like! I'm Indian but born and brought up in Western society. However my parents were very strict and I think that has something to do with my lack of flirtation and interaction permitted with the opposite sex.

Anyways, I forced myself into uncomfortable situations and eventually learned now after 2 years how to become friends with guys and not be all weird/shy/awkward although it happens from time to time still. College guys pretty much rejected me romantically I think as no one ever made a move, except for one guy who I really didn't like.

Last year I went on pof, got like 3 first dates all guys were not my race. Mostly like non-Indian or white guys. These guys I wasn't really interested in after I saw them/got to know them and they didn't feel the same way as I never head back from them and one was a real jerk during the first date I really had.

Now I'm trying to read dating tips more frequently online...

my plan is 1) stop acting like a bitch/ignore guys I find attractive, as they've rejected me but need to stop feeling so bad and reject another guy if he likes me or not...but don't be rude is the motto.

2) try to increase my circle of guys I know (try to be more social somehow even though college is over) ANY IDEAS OF HOW TO GO ABOUT THIS?

3) Try to get my first kiss at club or somewhere lol I need this money off my back seriously, I feel lost. Any advice?

4) Loose weight! I'm current 175 lbs and have a medical condition which I'm monitoring but its hard for me to loose weight. I look like a size 8 because I'm 5 feet 7 and girlfriends say I look around 150 lbs. However I want to loose 30 lbs, that way I'll look around 135 lbs.

Guys I find attractive seem to like skinnier girls, so if I need to get to my "target market" I have to tweak the product I'm selling lol

Anyways, what do you guys think of my plan? ADVICE AND TIPS!


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  • I think most guys would love a girl like you. Some dating advice would be great, but you can't take any of it too seriously, because everyone is different. All together it isn't a bad plan. I don't think you need to go to a club to lose your first kiss. I think you would at least want to remember your first kiss as someone that was more than a stranger you met in a club.


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  • heres the thing, you just need to make friends with guys. don't date, just make friends with guys. you will become more comfortable and relaxed, when you eventualy cross paths with a guy who likes you then he will most likely take it from there. forced dating situations never seems to be what gets a relationship going.

  • It's quite a good way.


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