Should I text her if she wants to take it slow

This girl I was seeing 3 months back, told me she wanted to take it slow, and what not, well I grew feelings for her, and told her that she grew on me. well she never replied, back. Saden, I defriended from FB and delted her number. Well I readded her <---lol yeah smh. Well we had good chemistry, (went on two dates, flirted alot, she told me the type of sexy clothes she owns, and that she gives good head.)though she told me she wasn't looking for anything serious, as her and I have school to focus on as well her breaking up with boyfriend. Well I am just curious 3 months without talking to her should I start a conversation with her? We made out the last time I saw her, though no sex. She seemed to enjoy it, so I tried to go further, but she said don't rush. (went back to making out heavily) then we stopped and she went on how she didn't want to jeordize our friendship, that she didn't want me to think of her as a slut(right you give good head ok), that I was a nice guy and she didn't think these guys existed anymore, and that she wasn't looking for anything serious. The thing is I still like her.

Also does she like me, or is she just stringing me along?

I met her throught a good friend of mine, at her birthday party, as my friend is her best friend, and I was invited. She had a boyfriend at the time(guy she broke it off with/as he cheated) which I mean I don't know her that well, why the heck would she just want to be "friends" Plus she gave me her number couple weeks after her boyfriend and her broke, plus me and my girl split.
Also she told me that she's hard to get, but she is well worth it.


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  • It seems like she has some feelings for you. But you guys need to slow down and reevaluate

    yourselves. You need to tell her straight up, what does she really want from you, and be a man about it.

    On if you should text her I don't know man, too many mixed signals, but if you really like her go for it.

    Good luck !

  • Yes, text her.

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