What is considered normal in calling someone you are "dating"?

I have been "dating" this man for almost a year now. At first, he would call me every day and sometimes a couple of times a day. We talked about everything. We talked about personal stuff to each other and it felt so right. Then intimacy was thrown into the picture. Now, he calls once a week (or to be more accurate, every 4 to 5 days) and talks for a few minutes. Used to, when he would end a conversation, he would say I will call you tomorrow and he normally did unless he was busy. Then it got to the point that he would say I will call you in a day or two and now he says I will call you later. To be honest, it is getting on my nerves. I do not know if we have a relationship or if I am a booty call. Do not know how to approach him with this if I even need to at all. I do not know if I am overreacting or what?


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  • How long since his calls became less frequent? Maybe he's just stuck in a busy time in his life right now. If you've been dating him for almost a year now and you're still unclear about whether you're together exclusively or not exclusively, it would be reasonable to ask him bluntly where you think your relationships is heading. It's just plain good to see where you two are, if you're on the same page, relationship-wise. That's the only sure way to know.

    • I am just afraid to ask him. He and I both have been in terrible relationships in the past and both have been hurt pretty bad. I do not want him to think that I am a nag or anything of the kind. I really would love for things to work out between us. He asked me in January if we could have a child together. Just a little confused, I guess.

    • I understand what you're saying but it's not nagging to ask for a little insight. You are not making demands you would be just making enquiries!

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  • There's just two reason : He's not into you anymore, or because he met someone else. I'm a guy, I know how it works.


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  • I think that generally as a relationship gets longer, you talk less on the phone. What makes you think you're just a booty call?

    • I guess the fact that we do not talk like we used to. He is on the road a lot and I know that he talks to his friends more than he does me. I miss the talks that he and I used to have.

    • Are you feeling insecure about him being on the road. There's two things you can do (1) say something. Explain you're feeling like a booty call. See what he says. (2) say nothing and hope things go back to how they used to be.

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