No kiss or any sign of affection after 3 outings/"dates"

So I met this guy on that plenty of fish dating site about 10 days ago, and we agreed to meet up on the Friday just gone (24th) and we get on really well, we did when we spoke online and I don't usually meet up with guys that easily but I had a pretty good feeling about this one so I went for it, anyway we've met up 3 times now and no sign of affection at all and I don't want it to fall into the friendship bucket but yet I don't want to rush things or make a move and end up being rejected, I guess that might be how he feels though so I guess one of us has to make the first move? But obviously I don't expect miracles but any sort of flirting would be a nice indicator. I've gone to his house twice and we watched zombie movies cause we like zombies and it's not felt like much of a date.. and the first time we met we went somewhere public to the park as it was nice and sunny. All of which we've never struggled to find stuff to chat about. I logged into my dating profile and noticed he deleted his profile, which I thought was a step in the right direction, So I deleted mine too. Yet still no signs of flirting.. I'm starting to doubt whether these outings are dates at all and maybe we're just getting to know each other as friends. Next Saturday we're going out for dinner so maybe he think that's the first official "date" or something. I have no clue but I'm way too shy to ask him.

Any help would be appreciated.. Dating can be so odd sometimes.


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  • It can be odd.. but one of the signs you can give him that "its okay" is to be physical. Next time you are walking next to him, make sure that when you swing your arms, your hand gentle caresses his. If he doesn't make a move to hold your hand, do it again. He will get the hint, and that should start the ball rolling.