Does he like me? Where do we stand?

I've been speaking to this guy for about 5 months now, there's a 5 year age gap, he's in his early 20's and I in my late teens. We've only recently, in the past few weeks started to meet up with each other properly due to us having busy schedules. Normally when we see each other I go round to his house, every time I'm round I speak to his parents. We also slept together for the first time recently which I felt was the right moment and we both wanted it. The complication is that sometimes he'll plan to meet me on a certain day but the day before he might come up with an excuse not to see me likes he's too tired or he's with his mates etc. When we're together we get on so well, we kiss and cuddle and talk about most things. He's asked me about previous relationships etc. He also complements frequently and says I'm too good for him. I was out with him on a night out last night and we held hands, kissed, dance and after that me, him and a of our mates went to his friends house. As soon as we were there I could sense that he was being off with me, I felt like he didn't want me there and he didn't share he same taxi with me on the way to the house. His mates say he really likes me but don't understand why he was being so funny with me and sometimes he has a funny way of showing it. His mates also tell me about how he always talks to them about me (good things) and they all knew who I was when I first met them. I've talked to him about what he did last night and how I felt, he apologized but gave me short answers, we're texting awkwardly so I decided not to reply to him. So confused


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  • he is using you for sex. it also sounds like he is seeing someone else, or he might just be embarrassed to be with a girl so young. oh and f*** texting if you wan't to talk call him


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