How to call a girl I like who I've always texted?

Me and this girl have been friends through high school. We started talking (texting and hanging out) a lot the summer after hs. Kept in contact off and on via text while at college, then hung out on a couple breaks. I was with her last week, and it came up how she doesn't like texting(always thought she did Because she always texted) and told me she prefers calls. I like her and want to call her but it would seem strange because we always texted. I have nothing in particular I need or want to tell her about I just want to talk to her( I would usually just text what's up?) She usually carries the convo in person and I'm fairly certain she would on the phone too I just don't know where to start. A what's up phone call would seem annoying and weird to me id think, but I don't know about girls


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  • Thats the sad part about the younger generations...A lot (but not all), have poor social skills because of the texting and instant messaging. I witness this first hand with my younger sister- it's so bad that my parents text her when dinnerr is ready lol. Anyway you have to man up and call her because normal human beings talk through verbal communication and if you really like her then how will you all ever be able to go on a date? Do you want to be that couple on a date who are both pre-occupied with their iphones at dinner?

    You'll get over the fear and get used to it- but don't let a few pauses scar you for life as this is have to find ways to keep the conversation going. Call her and give us an update!