Should I wait for him to text me first?

I've been hanging out with this guy and last night I text him and asked him to hang out and he said he was way too tired. So I told him I'd talk to him today. Should I wait for him to text me first or should I just text him and see what's going on.


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  • Leave it a few hours and he might text.

    If not, go ahead and text him. Its a nice little sign that a girl is interested and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    • I haven't heard from him since last night. When he said he didn't wanna hang out because he was too tired I told him good night, get some sleep and ill talk to you tomorrow. I've been waiting for him to text all day but now it's getting late and I don't know if I should just text him or still just wait.

    • In that case just send him a text. No shame in it.

      Be wary of him disarming other attempts to hang out. He might not be interested in you.

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