Is he trying to stop talking to me?

this is the first weekend he has been in town since he got my number. the first 2 weekends he was out of town with family. I know he isn't lying because we are friends on Facebook. we met and he left to go out of town. the whole time he texted. he set up the date for the day he got back. we went to dinner and his apartment after to watch a movie. we made out and it was hot! he was really into it but we did not have sex. he brought me home and texted me goodnight when he got home. he texted me every day after that even when he was out of town the next weekend. as soon as he got back he texted me to see if I was available to see a movie. I was and he came and got me. no kissing, or kiss goodnight when he brought me home. he texted me goodnight again when he got home and over the next few days. one night he asked me what I was doing and I said I was home bored. he said he wanted to see me so I told him to come get me. he was like,"seriously, its not too late?" I said not for me and he said he'd be there in 15. so he came and got me and we went to his apartment and watch a movie. we made out again, great again. we spooned on the couch and he held my hand and it was just sweet. he brought me home and kissed me goodnight. no text when he got home, no text the next day. I waited til the end of the next day to text him. he said he'd been working and was watching a movie. I said I'd leave him alone but he said I wasn't bugging him. to be safe I just ended the convo with a text. the next day nothing. this is the weekend now, he had told me he was on call and was redoing the floors in his house. so I wasn't expecting to see him or talk much, but he has not once intiated a convo. I only texted him once to invite him to hang out with my friends and I at my house. he seemed interested and asked what time he should come. it was very casual so I told him whenever just make sure I was still at my house. a few hours later, like 10 he said he had just finished his work at the house and he was sorry. now today no text and I'm not texting him again until he intiates. I can't tell if he was actually that busy or if he is pulling back for what ever reason. what do you guys think?

well he texted me today. he's bought new furniture for his apartment and he sent me a picture of his sofa and bed...i waited 6 hours to respond and I just said "those look very nice" after 2 hours he hasn't responded back. 2 can play that game...this is just a game to him pretty sure. I'm going to really brush him off and see if he tries harder.


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  • He's not interested. Or at the very best, you don't call his attention enough for him to make an effort to schedule into his busy life.