I am so devestated I don't know what to do.

I reconnected with this guy that I was crazy about, about 3 weeks ago. We had a bumpy past and decided to go our separate ways. A year later (3 weeks ago) I reconnected with him, we had a great time at dinner, then the second day he came over and we hooked up. We have great chemistry and figured we have done it before what's the point in waiting. Well ever since then he has starting acting like he did before, never texting me, when I text him it is short and brief. When I make plans he is always "busy" and when I ask him if he even wants to hang out with me he says of course. Why is he doing this to me again? He said he wanted things to go differently. I am humiliated that I allowed myself to fall for this again...why does he hate me so much? and treat me like this?


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  • He sounds like a player. He knows what works. Most likely, he has multiple girls in these official or unofficial friend-with-benefit situations.

    • By the way, very few guys like 'chasing'. Despite what CrytsalMinds says, I doubt this guy likes chasing either. He just knows that if he ignores you, you'll feel needy and give him sex. I know guys who have like a rota of girls they bang. They can predict which ones will feel needy at which times. Sad but true. If you play hard to get, most likely he's going to forget about you.

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  • He doesn't hate you, if he would, he wouldn't waste his time. I don't know why he's treating you like this, maybe because he knows that, whatever behavior he shows, you'll keep on texting him and asking him to meet up, there's no challenge, he knows you'll be there.

    Maybe stop texting him, stop asking him to hang out and see if he starts contacting you again and showing more effort. I'm not a fan of it but maybe try the "hard to get tactic" to see if that works into contacting you?

    But to be honest, even if it would, eventually the chances are you'll text him again and do some effort (which is totally normal) and he'll bum out again.