Dating ex. should we have sex? is he hurt by my actions?

Hi so I'm seeing ex again he said he wanted to go slow see how it goes. Also told me he wouldn't be trying to hang out if he wasn't still into me.

So I dumped him because I was over him ( I feel terrible, big mistake but can't go back in time)

So he mentioned that he doesn't want me to cut him out of my life again. Could that be why he isn't as affectionate as he was when we first started dating. He holds me at a distance.

Another question is I really want to sleep with him, but not without knowing we are getting back together or I would just feel used.

Sex a bad Idea? Why is he holding me at a distance? I initiate the hangouts, do I keep asking him out ? Could he not be into me if I always have to ask him out and start the convos?


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  • I think its a bad idea, I think you should move on, you are a great woman and someone would love to have you and your love


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