Why do some guys (well people in general) text you first, but don't respond when you text back

It just irks me. There is this guy I talk to. We text on and off. We have the driest conversations (his fault not mine). I think total, we've sent 30 messages to each other. I do like him and I think that he possible could just one of those people who don't really talk much in text but in person. At the same time, I do realize that his lack of texting me, could be that he's not interested in me.

Either way, I just stopped talk to him for a few days,because of it. So yesterday, he texts me , I repond back and he just stopped. So I'm just going to stop responding.I just feel like either you want to talk to me or don't want to talk to me.


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  • I think some guys don't like texting back and forth because to some guys it's not their thing and to some people it can get boring fast.I think though in al ldue respect if aperson doesn't want to talk in text all they have to sya is like I will talk to you later I'm busy or talk to you soon watching tv,etc. At least people should end text with a proper ending and stuff. It does bother me when a person doesn't close out a text and leaves the other person waiting for a response. I think it's very rude and not right. I can't blame you for to not text him anymore. Maybe hopefully you and him can meet in person more. The texting thign is just not working.


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