Do I care to much or....?

So there was a guy who I liked a lot and it really seemed like he liked me too then I found out that he only likes me as a friend I was super upset about it and texted my friend (Blake) about it and so he invited me over just to talk and while I was at his house he like got me to have sex with him (he said like 4-5 times that it would help cope) so we did it, even though he has a girlfriend). Then the following week at school on Monday he said he had a bad headache and sent me a nasty text telling me to leave him alone, I thought nothing of it because when he is upset or not feeling to well he acts like a little b*tch, so the next day I texted him and he told me not to talk to him unless he talked to me first, it was in another nasty message. So Wednesday we didn't talk at all. Then Thursday I was at my lunch table he sat with his friends at the table next to mine and I texted him "hey am I aloud to talk to you yet" then he gave this really angry look and got up and walked away. So Friday he told me that he never put it in me and I'm still a virgin and in 7th period I texted him asking what he put in me if it wasn't his d*** and he told me it was a rubber thing shaped like a d*** and I called him out saying that both his hands were on my legs and then my friend said "there's no way cause if both your hands were on my legs you couldn't push anything in and out" so he replied telling me to "shut my f*ing mouth to people" and "I don't need hands I'm just that skilled" so my other friend told him "sorry honey but your not that skilled" then he sent me a text saying "Ive already ruined my life jesus why do you people have to make it worse god wtf. I'm not lieing get over it. Please leave me alone. I don't even deserve to live. I f***ing suck and want to die without you people helping me" so I said "Stop OK my friends are wrong your not a bad person they are just trying to protect me caz they how I feel and don't you dare tell me not to talk to my friends wen I'm upset OK I just don't deserve this I'm sry I no I should b the one who f***ing kills them self seriously if you want me to put a bullet in my head wen I get home I'll do it for you caz your my best friend and I love you I don't want you to treat me like this though I no your upset your not alone I feel the same way I've been crying too but I don't people like sh*t like you do I'm sry but you don't control me I'll tlk to my friends if I f***ing want but please I'm sry for what I did I was wrong" so he said "omfg don't you do anything to hurt yourself. your not the one losing the love of your life over a fkng mistake. And yet I never talked to anyone. Just sat and cried. your a fine person get a boyfriend or something Because you need one but I'm sorry. I suck I f***ing know that thanks. Sorry I hurt u. Sorry I wanna hurt myself, SORRY I f***ING EXIST.". And I've spent my weekend crying, depressed, barely eating (just a couple bites of something at each meal, I've lost like 5 pounds in the last four days. I don't know what to do. What do you think I should do?

Also we didn't use protection because I don't my monthly at all cause I have this disease called PCO and an hour after we did it he asked if I was 1000000% sure I couldn't get pregnant. Why would he ask that if he didn't stick it in you. He wouldn't have to worry so he wouldn't have to ask, right. And he's 15, he's not smart enough to think to ask that if he didn't actually put it in. I'm just sayin


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  • I recommend you try to graduate without doing anything like this again. I also recommend not doing anything crazy to him or yourself. I also recommend calming down, taking a deep breath, walking outside and enjoying the fresh air and trying not to freak out about life. I understand in high school everything seems like the end of the world but it isn't.

    Don't have sex again until you are mature enough to emotionally and mentally deal with sex. Also, always use protection. Also, don't listen to 15 year olds who are trying to convince that sex is a great way to cope with sadness. Also, pay more attention in English class.

    Everything will be OK, sweetie, just calm down and relax and you'll be fine.

  • No, you're not caring too much


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