How do I start an online conversation?

I tried out 'tagged' recently (social/date site) and got a match with a pretty girl that doesn't live far away from me. I've noted from her profile that we also have a few things in common like music and literature. Now my you is: what kind of first message can I send her to start a conversation? Once it gets going I don't have a problem, but I'm at a loss for words when trying to initiate conversations. Ty for reading! :)


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  • Try "Hey.. I ran accross your profile and couldn't help notice you like_______ did you know there's a concert at _____ this weekend? or did you know __________ was written for ________

    Idk, some fun fact about whatever it is you have in common. If she responds, then great. If she ignores your message, then she's not interested in dating.


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