First time for dating, flirting, kissing, sex, etc.

How did you learn to do all this? Did you google it? Or was your first time with someone who was experienced and taught you everything? Do you just have to be ready and it comes naturally?

I'm 20 and I've never been in a relationship or have even done things with guys. I'm very shy and the thought of even being with a guy used to scare the crap out of me. I wanted a boyfriend to know what its like but I was so scared. I'm going to be 21 soon and I think I'm ready. I met a guy I can be comfortable with. We're just friends but I feel like he can get away with doing so many things no other guy has such as getting to know me (I have a hard time opening up to people) and walking with me (I freak out if people try to get close to me. I tend to push people away), and getting close to me physically (I need my personal space. Its a big deal to me and I hate when people touch me). This guy just found a way to get close to me without scaring me off like most people.

See, the problem is that we are both inexperienced. he's never had a girlfriend and I've never had a boyfriend. I also heard him say he used to have a hard time talking to girls and its funny because I used to have a hard time talking to guys. I like him so much I want to ask him out either tomorrow or next week before finals because I might never see him again. But my main concern is that since we're both inexperienced, how can this work? So far, the smiles, eye contact, walking together, and sitting close together and all that other stuff came naturally. To me at least. What if we were to date, what do we do then? Will we just know?

Anyway, what are your experiences? How did you start to date?


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  • I let it came naturally, I would seek some advice but I usually do what I feel like is right to do.

    First kiss - I didn't see it coming so I couldn't prepare, She kinda just kissed me then ran off.

    First time flirting - I was always good at talking and making people feel good, So All I did was give compliments that seems a bit more personal/ unique to that individual.

    First Date - I was told to always be myself and be respectful ever since I was a kid, So on dates I tend to be very friendly, easy going and made light humorous jokes here and there to make the situation comfortable.

    First time having Sex - I was extremely nervous, I made sure I did the things to prepare like condom, no interruptions, don't force into it, etc etc. I learned from my brothers and other friends who had did it before me, IT was nerve wrecking but I did it.

    Everyone will always be shy/nervous during their first time of anything because its a new experience, but once you take that leap of faith and gain some experience, overtime, it will feel natural and easier than the first time.


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