Recovering from a bad kiss?

I had this girl I'm with(Not official yet) over and long story short I dint catch on she wanted to kiss for a few minutes then when I kissed her I screwed it up(only second time kissing) then after a few minutes of awkward laughing and kissing talk We did again and screwed it up and right after I just closed mouth kissed her. Third times a charm. Will this be bad? And how do I not screw up next time?

UPDATE: It turns out she was leading me on. She's hung up on her old boyfriend and is amfraid it won't work out. Is this past the point of no return?


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  • IF there's a next time- then you're still OK... haha

    Seriously. A bungled kiss is never a deal breaker- but don't keep messing up either. Kissing is one of those "gotta master" arts for seducing and or wowing a girl.

    Don't worry- she may be having similar feelings, worries and frettings of her own right now. Perhaps she is also a bit new to the whole thing?

    Best advice: just RELAX, pal. Be ready for it next time. You don't have to make any big plans or anything but simply be prepared to kiss her- like you mean it.

    Kissing is the sensual art. Touch is another. Develop great kissing skillz and a sensual, sexy touch that sends total shivers down their spines- and you're the MAN.

    A great kiss is one using both tongue and lips... NOT too wet (what lots of girls complain about). Don't slobber and drool all over the poor creature.

    At all times, be relaxed, be calm, be cool. Take your time. Make every touch and everything you do sexy and sensual. Be especially sensual.

    Try starting by kissing her lower lip gently between your upper and lower one when you lean in for the first time, followed by a soft, full mouth kiss... and ending with the slightest bit of tongue along the bottom part of her upper lip. This is all done in a single, fluid, sexy movement. Maybe you end it with her upper lip between your two lips, briefly.

    That little bit of tongue may get her to open her mouth just a little... which is an opening for you to slither your tongue in to wrestle a bit with hers, combined with more lip play. Naturally, she'll be responding to all this- so there's NEVER any plan. You just gotta go with the moment and "work with" what is coming the other way.

    Main thing: be THERE... in the present... with her. Make kissing her at that moment the ONLY thing happening in the world- for either her or you. As things heat up, vary in your passion (generally showing it). Don't go overboard either... just stay in the moment and be Mr. Sexy.

    Do this... combined with your great hands caressing her cheek or ear as you kiss. Don't forget her arms, neck, back, legs and thighs (when you get that far... take your time). Nip her lower lip gently, at some point.. or nibble- kiss along her neck and ear, gently breathing in her ear... maybe letting out a (very quiet) moan or gasp of pleasure as you do so.

    You will have her panties damp in a flash. Don't be afraid to tug gently on her hair a little either. Tease her with a finger tracing from the base of her neck to the space between her breasts, eventually- as time warrants and her actions indicate.

    It's all good from there. DON'T make a beeline for her boobs or crotch. Take your time!

    I have an ex-ex-GF (who is still a good friend today). She continues to tell me- years later- how I could make her climax just from kissing her. Now THAT is a great result! It clearly made an impression on her. Make your girl remember your kissing years later and you will know you have mastered the thing.


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  • Slow it down you don't have to jump all over her like in the movies. You guys are just starting out and don't really know how the other kisses and moves. So slow down and take the time to learn how to kiss HER (and she'll be doing the same)


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  • Slow down and be the initiator, not the receiver. Then you can control how the kissing goes.