Boyfriend doesn't want to cuddle

Before my boyfriend and I statyed sleeping together he always wanted to cuddle.. NOW that we sleep together. My boyfriend never wants to cuddle. Never after we sleep together or even if were just hanging out . I ask sometimes just for 2 min and he usually says no. Sometimes he will but will literally time it for 2 min and then quickly get up. Or we will be watching a movie and I ask him if we could and he says no because its not time to cuddle its time just to watch a movie.. Is he not attracted to me?

wow the beginning sentence is before my boyfriend and I started sleeping together he wanted to cuddle ********


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  • Sounds like a jerk to me.He doesn't seem to want any intimacy, maybe he just wants sex, nothing more.

    • I agree with Olivia9.

      Guy's a d***! and you deserve better.

      dump him and find someone who wants to suggle with you.

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  • If he's not attracted to you, he wouldn't have sex with you.

    It seems to me though that this is clearly just a sex relationship for him. If he viewed this as serious at all, he would cuddle you sometimes even if cuddling isn't something he particularly likes.


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  • Ask him what has changed

    That's a sudden shift in behavior.

    • @Update - Well, he got what he wanted.. Doesn't want to cuddle anymore. -- My boyfriend LOVES cuddling.. Wanna switch? xDD

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