Why is my ex-boyfriend such a jerk to me whenever we cross paths?

My ex-boyfriend of exactly 13 months broke up with me about 3.5 months ago. He's 33 and I'm 26. I was completely blindsided and devastated. I still am completely devastated.

I've been following the no contact rule except for when he's contacted me. He contacted me through a Facebook message about one month after the breakup. He didn't really say much so I barely replied to him. Then I did not hear from him again until about 4 weeks ago, when he started sending me a couple of random text messages. Now I have not heard from him for 2 weeks.

I am still so so so completely and madly in love with him. Also, I know for a fact that he has been sleeping around with a lot of different girls.

I work at a bar that my ex and his friends have always spent a lot of time in. Since our breakup he has stepped foot in the bar 3 times. His friends still continue to hang out there.

Every time he has been in the bar he has completely ignored me and acted like I wasn't there. No eye contact, a smile, or anything. It's super awkward because all of our mutual friends and acquaintances that are somewhat familiar with our situation can feel the tension between us. I've kept my dignity and stayed completely calm when he's been around.

It's such an awful feeling and I don't know why he can't at least smile at me or give me a simple "hello." It makes me feel so bad. I have been avoiding going to any fun events that I know he'll be attending, even though I really want to attend these events. I just hate that he acts so immature and snubs me in front of everyone.

I don't understand why he acts this way when he's the one that broke up with me.

Does anyone have any idea as to why he does this?


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  • It is hard to say something to you...because you still love him. Only time will show up with a solution.I am also afraid what my situation would be in my work place from June when my ex-girl friend who is my colleague shows up. I have a back plan to change the place if the environment is turning hot and I feel uncomfortable. I know ... Do no go for ego. Think for your own benefit. If you feel that there is any hope you both patching up and if you can forgive him for all the sleepings he had done with different women...Stay in the bar and play a wait and watch game. Let him open up. May be...Cos you both people have a lot of mutual friends in common.

    If you feel that it is awkward ...Better change the place for your own good. Go for another bar. Then you can completely forget him. I can guarantee you it will take some time ... May be about 6 months. But in the end...You will get relief from this pain. All this just because you love him. See... The single word LOVE changes the whole game. Good Luck.


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  • i've been through a lot of the same issues with an ex girlfriend , its awkward when you run into them in the local bar . I don't often know what to say if anything , most of the time I won't bother to say anything cause I don't really know what to say to her and if there is any point saying anything . its just awkward you have to realize this stuff isn't your fault and by this time its often best to just move on with life

  • What's the point of pretending that everything is cool and you can say "Hello" and smile, while the reality is that you feel awful, and he knows it.

    He's got no business with you at all anymore and smiling would be completely retarded since he did hurt you.

    What chicks down there call immaturity, I call it NOT being a hypocrit.


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  • Ignore him. He sounds immature.

  • He's 33 but acting 13.