Was this her that this guy was referring to?

I guess I'm a little paranoid I'm being played. Me and this girl are close and like each other, we flirt and respond with witty replies. Although, I have ignored signs in the past with a girl and got played when I was younger, so I've always had that thought in the back of my head.

Basically on twitter, some guy wrote a tweet saying "f*** off!" with a picture of a text conversation included. (The picture had a message received saying "Imagine if you text me..." and he replies "Yeah imagine that :P").

Saw she replied to this tweet saying "did someone actually send this?" and he said "yeah me".

Do you think she said it in shock that someone would actually send "Imagine if you text me..." because it sounds clingy/desperate? Or was her reply sarcastic (due to that possibly being her in the image) because he replied with a witty reply, which is why he said "yeah me"?

This sounds really lame and I'm probably way over thinking it, but I guess it was just on my mind and I wanted to be protective of myself. I don't show this with her, i.e insecurities as I make myself forget about silly things like this.

Just wondering what any of you thought?


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  • you are definitely over thinking it.


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