She shook hands at end of the date. How do you take this?

We know each other fairly well since we're classmates and at the beginning we hugged (initiated by me). At the end of the date, she offered her hand. We were sitting side by side in my car.

That signaled "just friends" to me. So after that, I stopped giving her the attention I used to give her in class. And now she's asking me what's wrong and that I'm quieter than usual (even though I'm just a quiet guy in general, she was just getting attention from me) and is now starting to passive-aggressively ignore me.

But...I thought she was signaling that I'm not being seen romantically. So what's wrong with putting energy elsewhere?


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  • whoa... the is not a good sign.. you should have kissed her hand.


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  • I think, either it was a really bad date and she shook hands like "yup, thanks, glad that's over", or you were too much of a quiet guy and didn't make a move at the end. Give her a little more attention, make a bit more of a move on her on your next date (kiss on the cheek, french if it went really well) and if she still seems like she doesn't really want to then she isn't interested in you.

    • well, it was a tennis date and then we walked around for a little bit after.

    • Maybe she expected a bit more from it