Why hasn't he initiated anything

So this guy I met I were talking and he said he really wanted to take me out on a date... we were speaking about 3 days ago again and he made reference to us going out on a first date but since then, there as been no contact...

should I message him? or wait for him to message me?

Why hasn't he initiated anything if he brought it up?


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  • Message him if you really like him. IMO you should never wait for anything to happen. Just do it. He might be shy or he might have just forgot about the offer.

    • I did message him and we're going out next week (:

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  • If you didn't respond very positively to his offer, then he's probably afraid you aren't interested. So, yes, call him and see what's up.

  • And did you say, ooooohhhhhh that would be really nice, I would like to get to know you better, or do you te think he is a fking mind reader, give and take I say. jeeeesus tell him you would be up for that, and if you end up in bed, CONDOMS PLEASE AND YOU HAVE SOME READY, I know your thinking but he will think I'm a slag, no he will thing your intelligent and clean.

    • That escalated quickly but thank you!

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