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I have 3 questions about a possible first date. This was set up by my cousin, so I've never met the girl. I texted her a bit last night just saying hi and what's up. First question, when I ask her out should I call or should I text her a bit more and ask her out through texts? Second question, I just realized I am busy the next few days, so my options are to either ask her out for tonight, or Sunday night or later in the week. Third question is I need some date ideas, I was thinking of just going to get pizza or something but I feel like we should do something else, some kind of activity maybe? Or is pizza and ice cream good?


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  • You can't ask a girl out today for something today. It seems like a booty call and any respectable girl won't accept -- and if she does, you tend to know right away the sort of girl she is: she's either (1) potentially clingy/desperate; (2) used to booty-call contact from others in the past/present...

    Call tonight to ask about seeing her on the earliest possible date, explaining that you'd like to see her but your cousin hadn't actually consulted you for your availability.

    Pizza is more a hanging out thing. Take her to a nice coffee shop for fancy pastry and a walk on the beach/in the park. Think "romance in Paris/Monte Carlo." (In other words, try to create an environment that indicates romantic interest, not greasy-spoon lady-and-the-tramp poverty-line dating, which can be misconstrued as "friend zone" activity. It doesn't have to be expensive, just romantic.)

    • haha I gotta say I disagree about the booty call thing. I wouldn't ask her out at like 10pm. And I guess I should clarify, pizza for me is like nice sit down salad and pizza, that is not cheap. Not pizza hut.

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    • ok you wanna make this about pizza now? How is pizza high schoolish? People of all ages eat pizza, it's America's favorite food. And just FYI we have one of the best ranked pizza places in the US here. 4 hour wait nearly every night, it's been on shows like Oprah. So don't hate on pizza.

    • Let me know how pizza date goes, then. dude. Good luck with that.

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  • Just ask her out via text, otherwise she may find it a bit odd because nobody calls anybody anymore. And just take her bowling. That's a fun activity you can do and it's just fun to hang out.

  • Pizza makes the mood better

  • Call her 2-3 days in advance of the date.

    Great 1st date ideas are

    playing tourist


    hike/walk park

    Pretty much anything that promotes conversation.

    You should NEVER spend money on a first date. I cap all my first dates at $10 and this has never prevented me from getting a 2nd date.

    Also when you end the date give her a confident hug and when you are on the way out, give her a peck on the cheek. Chicks LOVE that.