Is she worth it or not?

I (20) have known her (21) for a year and a few months. We are coworkers at a small independent family-owned business (please don't give me the dating coworkers speech, I've already heard it). We have a small history and it's a bit complicated.

- There was a mutual attraction, I didn't make my move and she started dating someone else.

- She wants to stay friendly and flirty with me. Apparently boyfriend wa

- I talk to her, tell her I am interested, but willing to respect her relationship, she denies having feelings for't around much. We flirt briefly.

- I back off and stop talking to her, she tries to stay friendly, seems regretful.

- She breaks up with boyfriend, I eventually begin talking to her again. We are friendly and everything seems good.

- She still seems interested. The flirting comes back and I vaguely ask her out. She says yes but not til she's out of school for the summer (she has school and two jobs, and zero free time)

- I look forward to doing something with her. Last night she comes to work with a guy. They see a movie (we work at a movie theater) and it's just the two of them. She doesn't introduce him and doesn't stick around long to talk, they leave and I'm sure he was not a relative or just a friend, it was a date I got to witness.

I am not happy. Should I keep trying with her or give it up? I'm pretty frustrated.


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  • Give up, bro.

  • Give up.