Is this guy trying to play hard to get?! LOL

Our friends set us up. We first met at a bbq then he added me on fb and got my number the next day. we texted everyday. went on a great first date, and went to his apartment (no sex) just some hot making out. texted every day after. went on a 2nd date he took me home and we didn't kiss or anything. texted every day after. our third meeting was not really a date. we both were free and he just brought me to his apartment to watch a movie. we made out and it got even hotter than the first time. I stopped him from touching me though. I told him I didn't want to have sex. he was fine with that but asked why I wanted to wait. I told him id like to wait until if and when we were more serious and in a monogamous relationship. (I don't like sharing). he made the comment that he hasn't had sex since January and it would be monogamous when it happens. I felt like that was him kind of letting me know he was on somewhat the same page. after that moment we finished watching the movie and he brought me home. THEN silence. he didn't text me goodnight, didn't text the next day. just to see I waited until really late the next night to text him. he texted back like normal convo. then the next day nothing. I waited another day and just sent a "hey there's a party at my place tonight if you wanna stop by..." he said he might come, then didnt, but texted me late saying that he just finished the project he was working on and he was sorry. I didn't reply, no reason to. the next 2 days nothing, I didn't even waste my time texting him. I thought after our convo he realized we werent looking for the same thing. maybe he wanted a less serious fling. I do not. so I thought that was it, its over before it began. wrong! he texted me at lunch after those 2 days. he sent me pics of his new furniture and floor he had been working on. I was surprised, but I waited a few hours to respond and then I just said it looked nice, and that I booked a beach house with my friends if he was interested in coming still (we had talked about this before). he texted the next day he would check with work. I tried to kind of keep it light and I replied that if he couldn't go we had his new bed to spend the weekend end (again he had mentioned doing this before in simple flirty msgn) he just said "exactly!" that was today and I Haven't heard from him anymore...i thought it was over before all this which was fine. id rather end things now than for him to think he's getting some and just string me along. but he has intiated the texting again, only for the last 2 days but he seems to still be wanting to see me. I'm going to wait and see what happens but I feel like he is trying to turn it around and play hard to get. what should I do? I do like him, but not if I can't tell what he wants. if we ever get together again should I ask him. I've never been in a situation like this.


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  • Yes, he is.


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