Me, a girl, and another guy. What is going on here?

I've known this girl for over a year and it's a complicated situation. We're friends, but it's one of those things where there's been a level of attraction since the start. Nothing major ever happened between us, but we both have known about each others' interest for a long time. Things just never worked out.

Last week I vaguely asked her out. I asked what her weekly schedule was like because I knew she was usually busy. She told me and then I just said "Well we should do something sometime". And she said okay, but not until after school gets out in a few weeks, because she was too busy (college and two jobs). She said she'll have a lot more free time then. I think the only thing I said (jokingly) to that was that she didn't need to sleep, she disagreed. She was smiling and giving me eye contact, and she gave me the date that the quater ended so it felt promising.

Until the other night when she brings a guy over to our mutual environment. I was there when they came in and when they left. She didn't introduce him, he didn't say anything and she didn't say anything to me when he was there. She came by me to get something and made small talk briefly but that's it. Definitely didn't seem like a cousin or friend, it seemed like a date. And she knew I would be there, so I don't get it. It kind of hurts.

Now I'm kind of freaking out. I know we're not dating yet, but this bothering me. She seemed interested and we have a history. I don't know if I'm over analyzing this or what. Advice? Please?


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  • Find another girl or be more aggressive.

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