What was the day that changed everything for you, like first kiss or date?

I just signed with one of biggest indie labels around and they have pretty famous artist who get like millions of you-tube hits as well as popular underground legends . This is a huge turn around for me this week as I was about quite music altogether, second thing that changed everything was I went on hot date unexpectedly with an old girl friend as seen here supermarket and all this changed everything. guys I live out my dreams and unreal.


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  • It would be the start of January this year.

  • the day I ripped my ears off and went deaf after listening to your music.

    • well that those not change the fact that my albums getting processed right now at Universal records and prove the contract in a YouTube video.

    • ok sure I'm still waiting to see you on mtv.

    • well if the label puts up the upfront money, payola then it could happen fast lol But I'm paying for that so waiting for MTV to come to me lol

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