Why's my boyfriend looking at online dating sites and sex listings?

Why is my boyfriend looking at online dating websites and things like craigs list casual encounters sections? We have sex all the time, he seems satisfied he claims I want sex to much actually.. I'm very confused and don't know what to do :'(


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  • It could be that he just gets turned on by the reality of such an advertisement, but he could also be actively cheating on you.

    It might be excessive but one way to find out is by totally flipping out against him. Act like you already assume he's full on cheating on you.

    My prediction would be:

    If he's just watching ads, he will be terribly startled and will explain that he never actually did anything. Maybe sob.

    If he's actually cheating, he will be defensive and have practised excuses ready. Might get angry.

    • This is going to make me sound like a terrible person.. And I'm not normally like this.. But I checked hhis email and he hasn't responded to any ads ..

    • He could always hide that though. Anyway, I don't know a lot of guys that internet sex date so I would be surprised if he was one of them. I know guys that cheat and I know guys that have sex with prostitutes, but I only know one guy that sex dates and he's single. I'm going anonymous now to protect their privacy.

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  • Well, unless he is literally going out to this places and having sex, He is probably just stimulating himself.

    Guys tend to do this a lot. ie p*rn


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  • My ex husband was doing that- at first it was just to get off (eventhough we had sex on the regular and I wanted it often)...but then temptation was too much for him and he cheated on me. I had to cut him loose after that. If a man wants to be with another woman then let him go and find another guy.

    • how did you find out?

    • I started typing out a website in the address bar and only got to "ch" before I seen the casual encounter sites pop up under the suggestions and I was like wtf and then I checked the browser history. The dating profile my friend seen and told me

    • That had to be a nightmare..feel sorry for you.. dam guys are such pigs, and they even let these things available for us to find out, like they gave a f*** if we find out. Hope you have luck next time, with your new partner.

  • I'm on a few dating websites. I went on them before I got with my boyfriend. He knows about them.. I still log onto them. And the only reason is to see if I'm still wanted, as in a confidence boost. I've never cheated in a relationship and never will.. I never reply to the people that send me msgs. I never meet up with anyone.. Like I said it's a confidence boost to be noticed and it makes me feel attractive. Even though my boyfriend tells me all the time it's nice to hear it from others as well..

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