Why is this guy so confusing?

Met a great guy who travels all time, wasn't sure if I'd ever see him again so I said what the heck and asked for his Facebook info and added him. He messaged me on Facebook that day. He kept initiating the messaging. We went out. Something that wasn't called a date, but sure did seen like one. We've talked several times since the hanging out. The problem is that one day I decided to text him first and now he waits for me to text first. I understand that he's extrenely busy with work and he's not the type to text 24/7, but it's still something I'm overanalyzing. I genuinely think he likes me. The last time we talked (about a week and half ago) he texted continuously for two days. He told me he was at a party with friends but when I offered to let him go so he could enjoy he said that he wanted to keep chatting with me. I always give him chances to get out of the convos but he wants to keep talking so why the heck doesn't he text me first? If it helps, I think he's either shy, quiet, or a loner.

I mean he almost kissed me on the date. He seems so interested. I just don't know what do you think?


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  • why didn't he kiss you on the date?


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