What should I do? About texting this guy?

There is this guy who everybody says likes me but he still has not asked me out. We have texted for two weeks. I text him everyday first except for three days when I was busy. He usually responds quickly with middle length messages with this face "c:' Sometimes we flirt.

I feel bad though and do not want to bother him a lot. How long should I go without texting him? And should I let him text me first?


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  • I think that you should text him as often as you feel like it. I personally never get annoyed when people text me a lot. Just think about it as if you are in his shoes, how much texting would be too much to you? If you two flirt than he may be interested in you, and if he hasn't asked you out then he is probably just scared you will tern him down. I would try sending him some stronger signals about how you feel about him. A lot of guys have trouble picking up on the little signals so think of something pretty obvious!

    • I did that but he either thinks or acts like I am joking. How do I send theses stronger signals?

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    • Oh no! That is really too bad. Hahaha maybe they will break up soon! Good luck!

    • Thanks.

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  • It seems that he just want to take it slowly.


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