Does she like me or him?

The girl I'm dating says she likes me, but then she is dating another guy at the same time. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and the day she was supposed to give me the answer she was on a date with him instead. She said she was sorry later, and that she wasn't ready yet to become my girlfriend. I really do like this girl, but I'm afraid I might get hurt. What do I do?


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  • Well she is dating so you don't want to come between that relationship. But maybe in some time you might now even like her so instead of going at it, leave it alone for a bit.


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  • She likes the both of you and she can't decide who to choose. so instead of just sitting there waiting for a response do what she's doing and keep looking until you find someone else that you'd like to date. When she's "ready" to be your girlfriend you can then decide whether she is still the girl for you but just don't sit there and wait for her. I guess what I mean is don't let her think that you will always be there. Oh and that whole getting hurt thing is overrated because we all know that its only a temporary feeling that will eventually disappear and have you laughing when you look back at it.