Why did he do all this...if he didn't want a relationship nor sex?

Hey, so I was seeing this guy that I work with for the past 2 1/2 months. We went on 7 dates (he initiated dates 1-4 and me 5-7). He paid for every date (I offered), drove an hour to see me, took things slowly (didn't kiss me until the 3rd date), would never use the 'busy' excuse (if he was 'busy' he would text me to reschedule a date), AND didn't even try to get physical! At the end of our 7th date he was randomly like: "I need to talk to you about something...I don't want a relationship right now. I am at a place in my life where I want to focus on my career etc."

I didn't even ask/mention a relationship to him at all but he just decided to tell me that...

After this situation, guys puzzle me more than ever!

What was the point of this guy going on all of those dates with me, paying for them, driving an hour to see me, taking it slowly with me and not even attempting anything physical with me, if he didn't want anything? What was the point of it all? lol

I guess I am just super confused at his behavior : he didn't want a relationship nor sex? weird.

Your thoughts?


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  • He worked this out along the way..he reached the decision not to start a realtionship only AFTER several dates, and I'm sure e thought it over carefully before deciding not to try to initaite any sexual relations. He finally decided it wouldn't be fair to either of you, because his ind was elsewhere in spite of his attraction to you.

    And by telling yu it was about his work, he was saying the relationshp would be too big a distraction at your workplace. And the difficulties if you decided to break up..would also be a big complication for his work ambitions.

    He must be really attracted to you to go to all this trouble, especially in a work situation, braving the gossip mill and possible jealousies, company disapproval, and his own doubts.

    • I am still confused...was he even interested?

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    • Edit: You think if Adriana Lima wanted to date him he would turn her down?

      (Not sure why it ninja edited that name out!)

    • I can't see the way he treated you as a lie or a cliche. I don't think Adriana Lima played any role in his decision, either.

      Sorry for the typing. his 'mind' was elsewhere/

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  • I think he was perhaps just lonely

  • He's just not ready.


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