Girls, do you want to be kissed on the first date?

Im returning to the forums after what seems forever, so I feel this is a good time to go back to the basics with a series of what I feel are standard questions (check out my profile to see me post the others). As time progresses, so do the feelings towards once novel parts of dating. Personally I will go for the kiss on the first date always, mainly because from past experience I know that the girl WANTS to be kissed on the first date (and usually I try to get us to the point where things are getting kinda hot anyways lol).

So, to see where we as a generation still stand, ladies, do you still love being kissed, or at least seeing the guy attempt to kiss on the first date?


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  • Depends on the date. I've had some dates where we just went to dinner or walked around the mall and we ended up never even breaking the touch barrier. So a kiss would be kinda forced in that situation, so I'd prefer not. But if the touch barrier is broken and we're fairly comfortable with it, then I'm pretty much always open to kissing.

  • I really think it depends on the context of the first date. If its someone you've known for a little while then its cool. If it was a guy I was just getting to know (blind date, internet dating, we've just met and haven't gotten to know each other very well, etc.) I wouldn't be comfortable with that at all.

    It also depends on how the date's going. If its kind of awkward and not going very well trying to get a kiss might make it worse. Whereas if you both really connect well, it might progress to that point.


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