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So there's this girl who I'm starting to think really likes me and honestly I don't see our relationship going any further than just friends. She texts me a lot and I always return her messages. I just want to say that she is an incredible girl so I kind of feel like she at least deserves my friendship and I don't want to just be a jerk and not respond to her. However, I am faced with the possibility that I might be leading her on by always talking to her. With Valentines day coming up she has been hinting at me maybe getting her something but I'm really afraid that will send the wrong impression. I just really need advice on how to let this girl know I'm not interested in dating without breaking her heart. I really don't want to sound cocky here. I mean honestly I think one of the reasons I don't want to date her is she deserves better than me. If you have any advice please share it!


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  • The best advice I would give is #1, DO NOT get her a V-day gift. I'm glad you realize that that would only complicate things more and she'll really believe you have feelings for her. #2, you may want to just throw in the "friend" word a lot during your conversations. Such as, "you're such a great friend. " Or "I value our friendship so much. " Also, try talking about girls that you think are cute. Not just throwing it in her face but try something like, "I saw this really cute girl today and I wanted to get her phone number. Do you have any suggestions. " Hopefully she'll catch the hint then. If not, you may just want to have a "talk" with her and let her know that you only want to be her friend. Good luck and it's really sweet that you care about her feelings this much.


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  • First off, if you don't want to date her only because you think she deserves better, let her be the judge of that and go for it. If there are other reasons then don't.

    Actually I think Valentines could be a perfect way to let her know, there are gifts and cards out there that truly say how much you like a person as a friend and nothing more, it's an easy way to let her know and that way you don't have to SAY it, which can be hard sometimes. If you don't like that then, yes you should tell her, or like glowgirl said, use the word friend a lot and ask her about other girls. And it would be alright if you didn't answer a message or two so she gets the point.

  • Just tell her. I have guy friends I talk to as just friends and if one of them thought I liked them I would want to know. I actually do not like any of my guy friends like that but, if they thought that I would want to know.


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