Ive been called cute by girls before, never been in a realationship, I kind of dislike being called cute? you?

It just makes me feel weird, because don't know what is "cute about me". they never say anything more than that, so I'm guessing it just means that I am a turd who will never get a girl to be actually attracted to me. Or I'm going to end up with some religious girl lol. I don't know, it kind of makes me angry to be called cute, as I don't know what to say afterward, and I feel like it's more of a put down or a form of rejection or I don't know...the girl realizing that there would be no point dating me. some of these girls are older than me, or the same age, some have been in relationships so that is a no-go, then what do you say? thanks I feel like a day old puppy. what's the point in being cute (if they mean in a good looking way) if there are no girls who would date you? anybody else hate this? didn't really know where to post this question to. guess I'm trying to figure out where these girls are trying to get to, or achieve through calling me cute.


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  • I been called cute like once and pretty 3 times or 4 not sure if linda means cute or pretty perhaps goes both ways. point is yea I don't like those compliments neither . I think I been called adorable before not sure if I have been or I have made myself believe I been called adorable . what does it take for a girl to consider adorable material ?must I puke on some one something or be pee myself when watching a horror film like seriously what gives. have you been called adorable?

    • possibly, lol, I feel like one of my slightly older female bosses has called me that before

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  • It seems that you just have to work out on your social skills.