Bi-sexual man texting straight man normal?

Ok so I just found out that my boy-friend has been texting his bi-sexual friend should I be worried. I've dated a guy in the past that I found out was secretly attracted to transvestites so I'm a bit skeptical about this I know men text but they are texting regularly


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  • This sounds causal enough. No need to suspect anything from him. It's important you trust your boyfriend.

    Also, let me break a few other things down for you, in case you didn't already know.

    First off, just because your previous boyfriend was secretly attracted to transvestites doesn't mean your current boyfriend is, nor does it necessarily mean your current boyfriend is into this other guy. Furhtermore, you said your previous was secretly attracted to transvestites, (which in itlself does not exactly make him a deviant, per se) but you didn't say he cheated, now did you? Even if he did, keep in mind, your current boyfriend is not him.

    Now, here's something you also need to ask yourself. Why don't you trust your boyfriend? (And let's be honest here, you ARE having trust issues here, otherwise you wouldn't have asked this question.) I mean for starters, has your boyfriend (ONLY your CURRENT boyfriend, and NOT previous boyfriends) ever done anything to make you question his loyalty? Like has he ever cheated? Has he strayed in some way? Has he ever done anything to make you suspect he ever might cheat?

    Think about this rationally, and maybe that will clear your head, or help calm your worries.


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  • I text my gay friends all the time. Why should my girlfriend worry? There is a lot more to friendship than sexual preference.

  • Is there an actual grounds to be worried?


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  • Is there any reason to actually be worried? Besides them texting each other, because everyone texts each other these days. That isn't enough to be worried about.

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