Met him recently online, now what?

I'm 17 he just turned 20, I met this guy daniel online just over a week ago, we really hit off right away,spoken everyday since then and we don't live miles away (live in the same state but he is just outside of town) is it risky to meet up at this early stage?

Also it all feels too good to be true, he is so hot, and everything. I'm not that pretty as he makes out, and I'm quite quiet & withdrawn at times. He knows I'm a virgin and haven't dated or anything, but he's hot and a young guy I figured he'd run a mile when he heard this since I'm not that experienced relationship/intimacy wise and most younger guys want that it seems, someone who would be 'put out' or is 'easy' so to put? why hasn't he backed away as he has the chance (it hasn't been that long). not quite sure what he is looking for from me and don't know how to ask?


Also just to confirm It was not on a dating site, it was a social network site he came across me randomly, I accepted his request.


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  • Before you meet up you should see each other in webcam, you want to be sure the person you think you are talking to is indeed the person you think you are talking to, anyone can send fake pics and lying online is very easy, if he is the one who says he is then maybe you should meet up, but meet up in a public place with people around, don't go to solitary places, if you can go with one of your friends it will be better and if you can't then tell someone you are meeting this guy and where would you be, don't be alone with him until you get to know him better, don't go to his house and don't get in his car if he has one the first times you meet, make sure you are safe all the time, there are many horrible things happening to innocent girls just because they weren't wise enough, have your eyes wide open, and if you notice anything weird just back off, I'm not saying he'd be a bad person, maybe he's one of the nicest persons ever, but he is still a stranger even if you've talked everyday for a week, you still don't know his real intentions, just be very careful, and if you want a good tip don't date online, sometimes you can have good results but other times you can have very bad results, sorry for being so pessimist but it's the truth, you can't trust anyone nowadays, good luck with it and I hope everything goes well :)

    • Thank you for your answer! I really appreciate it, I completely take on board what you've said, great advice and so true. thank you!

    • You're welcome ;) and I'm glad I was able to help, just be safe ^^ x

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  • I read "Over a week ago" and almost instantly turned around and left. Whatever follows that sentence is bound to be dumb. Here we go!

    I win.

    First off even when you hit 30 it is risky to randomly meet someone after 7 days and before any amount of real time. Furthermore you're young and impressionable and dumb, and no, you are dumb, and it's okay, we all were. As for it being "too good to be true" that's his opinion so whatever on that but honestly I have no idea why a 20 y.o. man is pursuing a minor, depending on your state, that is totally inexperienced and lives really close. Whatever it is, it isn't true love, and uh ... yeah that covers everything.

    It's "risque" and No one knows what he's thinking so everyone will just be shooting in the dark. Done.

    • Wow OK, blunt but I appreciate your honesty I suppose I am kinda dumb. -ugh. . Thank you!

  • hey its me daniel

    • Girl you can do better than this. :/

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    • Oh lord, how about no dan. lmao

    • I know my silk bra and panties can be off putting but trust me.. there's more than meets the eyes ;)

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