Is this a good idea *GUYS?*

So I text this guy almost everyday (I am trying not to text him everyday anymore) and I am always the one who texts him first.

My friends told me that was bad and that he should text me first because I will seem clingy and stuff.

So I want to go a week without texting him (I have not texted him in two days) until he textes me. But he is one of those guys who if you insult he does not care, if you laugh at him he does not care. Should I still do this? PS. I like him

I will seem clingy if I text him first or so I was told.

How many times a week should I text him then if you do not think I should not text him?


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  • I am currently in the exact same situation except she is the one that never texts me first. Trust me it drives guys mad when they don't hear from the girl they like. I don't know where these rules came out of but it seems that the guy is the one who's expected to text first all the time but that's just what I hear. Maybe don't text him for a few more days and see what he does. If he really likes you he wil make the effort and contact you! Best of luck with everything!

    • Thank you! :) One last thing..Lets say he does text me, how long should I wait before responding to his text? I usually respond quickly. How many times a week should I text him after all of this is over?

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    • Ya you don't need a reason to text him at all, just ask him how things are!

    • Ok. Thank you very much! I just feel like he is losing interest in me so I am going to try this to get him to be re interested in me :)

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  • If he likes you, then ya he'll be thinking of you. He'll probably wonder what's up in a day or 2. If you do text him first again and you want to see if he really cared or thought of you, maybe send something passive. "Hey :) what's up?" or just a lazy text of "hey". If I didn't hear from the girl I like and she did that, I'd try dropping a hint like, "Hey yourself :) Been busy with (insert hobby here). Whatcha been up to?". That would work on me. But if the relationship was more developed than just a crush, and she did it randomly, I'd wonder if something happened.

    • Thank you!

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    • You're welcome. :) Have fun and good luck!

    • Update: I just found out he has a girlfriend D:

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