She is so hard to get

well I am exclusively dating with my girl for about more than 3 months..she knows every background of mine especially about the topic of sex..

the other day, I visit her to her work.. well we went out.. we had an afternoon snack.. had sweet talks and went to watch movies..

we were so sweet when suddenly we kissed.. she was the 1st one who kissed me.. our 1st french kiss.. I thought everything was fine then I slip my hand to touch her boobs..

but the she resist, she got mad.. she won't talk to me..

i really don't know what to do..

i know it my fault but I thought it was ok..


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  • It was just too much at once. It's a little surprising that after so long she's not ok doing that yet, but I get that if you have only french kissed that once, that moving another step forward is probably just too much.

    She probably had to pluck up a lotta courage to kiss you like that, and was probably shocked when you touched her. Talk to her about it and apologise for not considering if she was ready.

    If you really like her, I'm sure you'll be happy to wait 'til she's ready.

    Good luck =)

    • Yah..that is what I did.. she haven't answered my calls actually.. well I hope things will be alright..

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  • she is not normal. I'm sorry.

  • lol sound like something I would do. Well she just went in for a kiss, and you touched her boob the same day! take is slow. make out for a week, then move slowly to grabbing her boob


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  • some girls just don't like to be touched right away...maybe she thought you were trying to move it along into more than just kissing and she just wasnt ready for it yet...

    next time, you're kissing or talking about sex etc... ask her if she's ready for it, if she is she may let you touch her some more

  • 3 months and a grabbed boob p*ssed her off?

    Are you going out with a nun?