If he gives you advise on a date does he mean he doesn't like you?

so I went on a date tonight. I really didn't want to go, but I wanted to give the guy a chance since my crush is now suddenly taken.

anyway, my crush was told I was going on a date. later on in the day while we were bored he stopped and said, "sooo, you're going on a date tonight, huh?" and I just nodded, not exactly happy looking. then he said, " don't worry, he's more nervous than you are."

is that guy speak for,"yeah, just go on a date with anyone but me."?


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  • I feel sorry for the poor guy you went on a date with. Why did you agree to it anyway, if you were so sure this guy would be inferior to your crush?

    If your crush chose another girl, then he he chose that girl over you. Guys don't just end up in relationships. They are aware of the choices they are making. And unless he is completely clueless about you, it had to have crossed his mind at some point that you were an option.

    And yes, giving advice about a date with another guy is a sure sign that you're in friendship territory with him. It's his way of telling you that he's not jealous of the guy you're going out on a date with.

    Guys are inherently jealous of other guys, and we instinctively avoid talking about the competition as much as possible, because we're afraid you'll see we're jealous. If a guy does the opposite, that means he's trying to tell you he's not jealous. And the reason he's not jealous in this case is obvious. He has no reason to be, since he has a girlfriend.

    • i wanted to give the guy a chance. and thanks for answering.

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  • He is probabbly an idiot like me that preffers your happiness over his.

    • i'd hope so. even though he showed all signs of liking me, he just started a relationship with another girl.

  • It depends upon every guy.


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