Is it wrong to be mad about this?

He used to tell me he'll brb,I'll be be back, give me a minute. Now he just doesn't tell me when he's leaving to do something. When I text him or message him he sometimes doesn't reply until 30 minutes or more later... It didn't used to be like at all. And it gets quite annoying. So I sit around waiting for that single reply. I talked to him about this, he only said "I do that all the time." Yet he knows how much it upsets me, he wants to know when I'm going to be busy, but I don't have enough right to know when he's busy? Thought he changed for the better a few days ago, but now he's right back were he started. Bad thing is, I yelled at him for that tonight, and I want to know if I'm in the wrong..?


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  • in a relationship that happens sometimes. in my case my girl does that. 1st you should be patient and talk about it and tell him that after all what happen you don't need to say brb and I(you) won't tell you either.

    the reason why you should do this is right now he has time to say that he'll brb, but there can come a time where you won't be able to say so. so don't make it an issue out of it.

    but when you start doing so he gets upset then there's a problem

    • Well thank you for the advice, I'll try it out until we make a compromise with each other.

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  • It's not wrong to be mad about it.


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