Likely just pen pals at this point?

So I confess, I met this girl on an online dating site I tried for like 2-3 months. I never had an in-person meeting, we've only been messaging each other over the site's chat or via text since January. I've since deactivated my account, and though I've thrown a few ideas out for meeting up with this girl I've gotten 2 responses of 'I like talking with you but I still don't know how comfortable I am meeting someone I met online yet'

Thing is though, if I don't talk to her she'll message me asking what's up, how my week is going, etc. it's gotten to the point where we are chatting nearly every day, sometimes for hours at a time. She asked me this last weekend if I used snapchat, and added me as a friend on it. Since then I've gotten quite a few pictures from her over it, tho I'd already had some from her other messages.

Am I the only one thinking its kinda odd that she's interested enough to keep conversation going for 5 months now, and with frequent pictures, but still hesitant to meet?


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  • Ah, some people are internet addicts, they talk forever but never want to meet anyone in 'real time.'

    This is often because their profile is totally faked, and they CAN'T meet you in real time, because they are not really Victoria's Secret models.

  • There's a sign of interest.

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