Is dating easier for girls than guys?

Girls get approached and guys dont.

girls have more guys that are into them, average guys have no girls that are into them

girls can use makeup and stuff to look better, guys are stuck with what they got


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  • Yes, I think women have it easier. Women don't have to do much when dating, they pretty much just have to be approachable. Men are expected to do most everything. As long as the woman is generally good looking, she'll probably have a man ask her out. Most women do not ask men out, they wait to be approached first.

    Shy women especially have it easy compared to shy men. Men aren't normally turned off by shy girls and will still approach them; where as shy guys are often considered to be a turn off to some women. Most rejections are made by women, not men. The man has to put himself out there and hope the woman will give him a chance. It's up to the woman to decide if she wants the relationship or not.

    If a guy doesn't approach a woman, he's considered to "not be interested" when really he could just not know what to say or how to talk to a woman. Men are also usually expected to pay for all the dates.

    So when you compare all of this, yes, generally speaking women have it much easier. These are just my thoughts.


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  • Generally speaking, yes women seem to have it easier.

    In my case, no.

    I've never been approached, but I've approached guys... so point one doesn't apply to me.

    The other 2 really go along with point 1, as I've never been approached by a man.

    I think dating is easy for young, good-looking, outgoing people, of either gender. It's difficult and a pain in the you-know-what for everyone else. That's the REAL truth.


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  • Dating is easier for girls who are 18-24 then guys 18-24

    Dating is easier for men 30+ than for women 30+

    • GOD I hope so!

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    • @MikeK - That's quite a revealing statement, haha! I guess we know what you're REALLY looking for then, don't we? :-P

    • Just telling it like it is... ;)

      "Really looking for?" I just don't want a woman that's damaged goods... I don't think that's too much to ask.

  • initially yes, and that is the biggest part in my opinion

  • DUH

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    • And some pictures show... *something* happening.

      That IS sex, and promiscuous, and very much lacks virtue. P*rn isn't promiscuous? P*rn isn't sex?

      Miiiiiiiike, come on! Hahahahaha!

    • Porn is imaginary :P

  • No.

  • By far. A girl that does nothing gets way more opportunities than a guy that does nothing.