A hot girl said yes to a date...wtf

I can't believe it. I said we'd go to the gym to workout together and then grab a bite to eat after. I even said that it was a date TWICE.

And she said yes...like wtf? How? She's the first girl I technically asked out. But it seems to good to be true because she's a hot athlete and taller than me...and she dated some lacrosse player last year and broke up.

I haven't fixed a date yet tho. Right now, we're in the same class and we talk all the time and work on homework and stuff together. We text a little, but we're both not good at texting. We flirt, but everybody flirts. We make super eye-contact, make fun of each other. But it seems too perfect. I don't believe it.

Sorry lol. The question is: Do girls ever regret saying yes on a date? Would they ever feel pressured to go?


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  • Awesome, high five dude. Believe me, it's a surreal experience, but don't get too caught up in it. As others have said here, she's just an ordinary human being who sees something special about you, even if you yourself don't know what it is. So treat her right and you'll be good to go!

    As for your update question, I'm not a girl (obviously), but I would imagine it's possible a girl can regret saying yes on a date and would feel pressured to go just to be nice or to perhaps confirm their doubts. In either case, if the signs were there that she was interested in going, which by the way you even said it was a date twice, then I don't see the problem. She should not be regretting it unless you mess it up lol.


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  • Good on you, bro. Just be careful not to pedestalise her too much.

  • So what's the question in here? Or, you're just gushing out your overwhelm?

    • @Update: Certainly anybody can regret their decision and also feel pressurized to go just because they told so. It depends upon the person. This isn't confined to any gender. You have to be with her for quite a while to figure out the answer for your doubt upon rationally observing her behavior al patterns.

    • Continued...

      Although, on a personal note, I'd suggest you not to let your overwhelm shadow your mind to treat her as an object too good for you, for it might make you do an unwanted compromise due to your momentary disposition and later you might regret it. Just be calm and composed and enjoy the date and get to know her.

  • Good for you man! Have fun on your date!