Help! I think I am losing him?

There is this guy I like, we use to text a lot and everything but I think we are splitting apart :( every time I send him a text for help, he would help me but today I sent a text, he never responded. Plus, we barely speak anymore, I am the one who always start the conversation and he never textes me first (trust me I tried to get him to text me first but he never does :( So. What do I do? I really do not want to lose him.

*In his texts he always puts a lot of emiticons (:/) and his messages are never short! He usually responds fairly quickly!


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  • Maybe you should ask him what's up. I was talking to a guy for like 2 months and then all of a sudden he ignored me for 2 days, I was so upset and even after he started texting me again it was like short little responses. I asked him if everything was okay and he said he just "needed a little room to breathe" after that I didn't text him for a day or gave him super short responses...eventually we started talking talking again and now we're going strong for months.

    lol super complicated relationship, but my advice to you is just ask him if everything is okay, or "cool" or however you want to put it. And don't be too clingy, if he's not responding just let it be, maybe he'll realize how much he likes talking to you when you stop.

    • Ok. How long should I wait before asking him if he is okay? I sent him the last text yesterday. But I saw him today.

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    • yay :) good luck to you girl!

    • Thanks :) But how many times should I text him every week?! I do not want to seem too clingy :(

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  • Well, you need to engage in conversations in person more.


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  • You never had him to begin with. Just leave him alone, he's clearly not interested.