Texting/communication confusion

So I went on a couple dates with this guy(just started dating 5 days ago), he's really great and I'm pretty sure he likes me quite a bit. I see him around work, and when I do he makes it a point to come and talk to me and he always looks over at me and smiles, but after work is done I don't hear from him. He's pretty shy, so I don't know if he's not texting me because he just doesn't want to or if it's because he's nervous. And I wanna text him so bad! But I'm not going to cause I don't wanna push it and let him come to me if he wants to. Has anyone else been through this and know what I'm talking about? Or are any of you guys out there doing this too? I need help


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  • It sounds like he likes you, and likes talking and spending time with you, so I don't think him not texting you is related to that. It could be he's nervous, or just not big on texting in general. If you want to text him, definitely do it! I'm sure he'll respond, and maybe be more comfortable about it. You can call each other too if that works out better.

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