What is with guy texting me on and off

SO there's this guy that I kinda like but definitely attracted to. I have a small guy on him. We've been going to the same school from elementary up to high school, and we live in the same town. A couple of weeks ago, he asked me for my number, but he rarely texts me.

Majority of the times, when he texts me and I respond back, it takes him at least about 15 min to respond back, sometimes an hour or two. A couple of times, he just didn't respond back at all. So I just gave up texting him. I think 3 days later, he starts texting me again, doing the same thing. I slyly confronted him about it, telling him he was hard to talk to and explaining why. I thought that would have some kind of effect. But it didn't. So I stopped texting him again. Its been like 5 days, and he texts me again. And does the same thing.

I realIy don't really know him that well but my sister is associated with him. She and my friend that he is a very sweet guy. The few times I've seen him, he seemed like that, but Idk.

My sister said that maybe he is texting me from someone's phone. To me that's not an excuse, because he can tell me. I know he doesn't have a girlfriend, ( I live in a small town, so yeah).


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  • Some guys don't really like texting that much. Even more than that, there are lots of guys who don't like to have full on conversations over text. It's possible that he's trying to work up some courage to ask you to do something and then loses it. Or it's possible that he just doesn't pay that much attention to his phone. I have guy friends who really don't pay that much attention to texts that they get. Sometimes they're great at replying and other times they are awful.