Texting a guy, need advice

I have been talking to a guy I met on a dating website via text messaging. He seems very interested in that when we chat he gives me long, explained answers and asks me questions about stuff I have already told him. He always responds to me, but it can vary from twenty minutes to a few hours before he responds. This evening I told him that I needed to sleep and I hope he has a nice night and his response was "you too." We have made plans and he tells me he loves the idea and that he can't wait. Does this one short answer mean anything major? Does it sound like he is interested in me? Sorry it's so long ...


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  • yeah a lot of guys text super short and it's annoying but it's not uncommon. This happened to me actually. And by the way have you guys met yet? Or are you planning on meeting?

    • Meeting tomorrow :) and he tells me he is looking forward to meeting me. We actually made plans to meet after the second day of chatting :)