So how come he didn't mention his girlfriend?!

READ FIRST:This former co-worker I liked romantically (even though I never really showed it but I am aware he likes me as a person and finds me attractive) left around the end of April after we swapped numbers (before warning me of how busy he is). I texted him a week after he left and we continued talking until I said I rather see him face-to-face than on fb. HE NEVER replied back. Then two weeks later I found out he came in the store a while back and I texted him about it and we should get coffee. He dodged the coffee part but acknowledged the text itself. Then yesterday he comes AGAIN (2x in the month of May) and sees me and tells me that he came in just to say hi and so we had coffee. Also apologized for not getting back to my texts. BUT HE ALSO said he had to run some errands but wanted to make a quick stop. He ALSO visited his manager and hung out with her for a while..then came back to see me. Then his manager tells me he has girlfriend and spoke about me behind my back a few times when he worked here. One of it was..."man, if I didn't have a gf." He then told his manager he was 50% serious with the girl. by the way I HAD NO idea he had a girlfriend. Also, he isn't hiding her from me either because he mentioned he had a fb ad I should add him. She's with him on the profile pic.


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  • ok sorry that I have to bring something else up, but I think it would make you understand your situation.

    last semester exchange students came to my university. My twin sister and me made friends will all of them but 2 or 3 of them were interested in us. the one that attracted my sister was a guy that had a girlfriend back in Europe, he talkd to my sister and hung out with her all semester, till things got more serious in an end of semester party. My sister was talking to him and he said she was beautiful, long story short he only kissed her after he told her he had a girlfriend. But didn't quite try to stop flirting with her during the semester.

    so my point is that the guy seems interested but won't do anything until he ends things up with his girlfriend or you tell him that its OK to you fro him to cheat on his girlfriend. Its up to you in which way your relationship goes.

    p.s. my sister told her story to a guy that has a lot of experience with girls and he agreed with our take on the situation.