How long should I wait for a guy to text me?

Long story short...we hanged out watched movies had wine and had sex. It's been two days and haven't heard from him no texts. Should I consider it a hit and quit. Or actually wait?

Wait to see if it's potential interest for me? I really like this guy


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  • There you go... made especially for you:


    • lol! wouldn't he try to reach me if he was actually intrested?

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    • Jesus. You chicks frustrates me so much lol.

      I already answered you.

    • hey take it easy lol I just haven't been in this situation before nor have felt rejected ever :/ its driving me nuts cause I haven't felt like this in a while since my 1st boyfriend when I was 17

      im about to be 21 now

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  • Don't wait.. there is no point to deliberately lengthen it unless you're really, genuinely busy

    • so I should move on get over it?

    • Make a phone call and talk about that all, and then you'll see is it worth to continue or not

  • Wait for what? this drives us ape s*** just call/text him.

  • uh maybe you could text him.

    • i don't really ever text 1st, wouldn't want him to think I'm thirsty

    • it's been 2 days. I doubt he'll think you're desperate.

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